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ServiNet is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service to use the Internet Technology

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Automated Maintenance Recall

ServiNet uses a series of messages in order to support the recalling for maintenance of vehicles sold according to the manufacturer’s suggested schedule. All these messages, written in the dealer and customer’s own language (English, French or Spanish), are automatically sent, by e-mail or by standard mail, to the owners of the concerned vehicles.

As soon as a vehicle is captured, ServiNet starts automatically the recalling process based on the delivery date and the CRM parameters. A first acknowledgement message (V01) is immediately sent to your customer. ServiNet then evaluates and establishes the first recall date, customer anniversary, etc.

In order to grasp all your customer’s e-mail addresses, all the messages that are printed invite them to communicate with you by phone or simply enter the precious information themselves by using the ServiNet customer interface

ServiNet is also an appointment scheduling and a shop control service.

The technical advisors can schedule appointments for customers according to mechanic personnel availability and also schedule courtesy vehicles; the given customers will receive, 48 hours in advance, a friendly reminder in the form of an email (E04).

Furthermore, since your customer has direct access thru the Internet to his personnal file and to his vehicle(s) maintenance grid, he can, for a specific vehicle, request a maintenance appointment. Your technical advisors are immediatly informed of such a request an must react by confirming the appointment; then the customer receives a confirmation email (E05).

This appointment scheduling sub-system can also be used by your technical advisors for visitors: customers not present yet in the database. If these customers have an email address then they will also receive a friendly remainder, 48 hours before (E04).

Here are the different messages generated by the Automated Maintenance Recall System:

V01Acknowledgement Purchase/Service Maintenance
The purpose of this message is to thank your customer for his support and invite him to visit your Web site to consult his personal file and his vehicle(s) maintenance schedule (history).
V02Happy Birthday
Sent to your customer on his birthday.
E01First Maintenance Recall
Message sent 14 days before the scheduled maintenance. This parameter can be modified because part of the CRM parameters.
E02Second Maintenance Recall
Second maintenance recall sent 14 days after the first maintenance recall if the customer did not visit your service centre.
E03Satisfaction Survey
Message sent after maintenance has been executed on a customer vehicle in order to know your customer satisfaction rating (1 to 5).
Answers to the survey (E06). X 
E04A friendly reminder for the maintenance appointment
Email sent to the customer 48 hours before the appointment.
E05Confirmation of a customer appointment request
Email sent to the customer in order to confirm his appointment request.
E06Answers to the satisfaction survey
List of the answers from the satisfaction survey.
E07We offer you this promotion
After the CRM has communicated and re-established trust with a potentially lost customer, the customer can receive a discount coupon or a given promotion.
P00Customer potentially lost
Are you aware of those customers that do not respect the suggested manufacturer maintenance plan and why?
When a customer does not react to the second recall, this message is sent to the CRM in order for him to communicate, by phone, with the customer to re-establish trust.
P01Customer File Modification
Message sent to the CRM when a customer modifies his personal file through your Web site.

Depending on the specified CRM parameters, ServiNet directs messages to either the CRM, the Sales Manager or to the Sales Representatives.

Type V messages stand for sales messages.
Type E messages stand for maintenance messages.
Type P messages stand for other messages.