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ServiNet is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service to use the Internet Technology

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Act now!

Once you have determined your CRM parameters, authorized importing of sold vehicles into our database, ServiNet communicates 7 days a week with your customers. ServiNet keeps you in constant communication with them during the entire sales life cycle: acquisition, service and expiration of leases and loans. Each day, ServiNet prepares and sends messages to customers and to your personnel. CRM employees are then more efficient because they can focus on new customers, customer satisfaction and retention.

Tasks that your personnel needs to accomplish.

1. Each day, capture new vehicles sold.

Each day, your CRM must enter new vehicles sold and, immediately, the corresponding customer receives a welcome message thanking and inviting him to view his personal file and his vehicle maintenance schedule (V01). Furthermore, you can be sure that your customer will receive your best wishes (anniversaries) at the right moment (V02).

Depending on the availability of your F&I database or your management system, ServiNet imports, on a regular basis, the required information. However, certain information such as e-mail addresses not present in the F&I or management system database will need to be entered manually until this information becomes available in the different systems.

2. Each day, enter maintenance done the preceding day.

After maintenance has been executed on a vehicle, your technical advisor needs to take a few seconds to enter mileage for the specified maintenance schedule and to add the customer email address if not present in ServiNet. After completing this task, ServiNet sends automatically a survey (E03) asking your customer's satisfaction rating thus generating an immediate feedback from him. Your CRM then knows automatically the answer to this survey.

3. Verify all incoming email from ServiNet.

Regularly, ServiNet automatically sends certain messages to your CRM, Sales Representatives, Sales Manager and F&I:

  • To inform your CRM of potentially lost customers (P00): a customer that did not come for his vehicle maintenance schedule after the second recall. It is then the responsibility of your CRM to communicate with those customers in order to re-establish trust.
  • To inform your CRM that a customer has modified his personal file through your Web site (P00). Your CRM then needs to advise other departments of such a change, the accounting department for example.
  • To inform your Sales Representatives when a customer receives birthday wishes (V02) in order for the salesman of this particular customer to verbally give him his own best wishes.
  • To inform your CRM about possible data errors present in the system and give him valuable statistics in order to maintain a high quality service from ServiNet.
  • To send to your CRM letters to be printed and mailed for those customers that do not have an e-mail address.

Furthermore, if you use the sales recall option, ServiNet sends other valuable messages to your personnel:

  • To inform your Sales Manager and the Sales Representatives that leased and/or loaned vehicles have come to term: 6, 3 and 1 month before end of term. ServiNet makes sure that you are the first to influence your customer on his next purchase.
  • To inform your F&I that customer vehicles are almost due in term of delay to acquire an extended warranty.