ServiNet Relance au département de service,Service department recall
service department recall
sales department recall
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sales retention

ServiNet is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service to use the Internet Technology

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D Day

As soon as data is captured into the ServiNet database, either manually or from your F&I database, the recall process begins without any intervention. The entire recall process is based on the vehicle delivery date and your CRM parameters. ServiNet automatically performs several processes such as evaluating maintenance dates for each vehicle, generating messages to offer extended warranty, sending messages for your customer birthday, and vehicle acquisition anniversary date, and finally, sending messages to salesmen or F&I or sales manager before lease or load comes to term, etc. From this point on, the recall system automatically works for you!

Each time a new vehicle is captured in ServiNet, your customer receives a welcome message (V01) informing him of his personal PIN and password; this message, sent either by e-mail or by standard mail, thanks him for his trust and invites him to view his own vehicle’s personalized maintenance schedule and maintenance history from your Web site.

We have estimated that for 1,000 vehicles sold, from 10 to 15 messages are generated each day. In order to rapidly obtain all your customer e-mail addresses and to minimize posting fees and manual interventions, each printed message encourages your customer to give us his e-mail address by phone or simply by modifying his own personal file through your Web site.