ServiNet Relance au département de service,Service department recall
service department recall
sales department recall
service retention
sales retention

ServiNet is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service to use the Internet Technology

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What You Need

A Web site

ServiNet is an interactive maintenance and sales recall service directly linked from your Web site.

The Internet technology is an unprecedented tool with outstanding communication speed. It allows us to treat instantly information that you have captured into the ServiNet database. We immediately send messages via e-mail to your customer or Microsoft Word™ documents to your CRM for key events such as birthdays, service reminders, lease or loan expiration, extended warranty, and promotions to customers based on specific criteria, etc..

Your Web site is a powerful toll capable of building long-lasting relationships with your present and future customers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Linked directly from your Web site, ServiNet allows your customers to access their vehicle’s maintenance history and to modify, if required, their personal file. American car industry researches have demonstrated that 12 % of new customers are generated by the dealer’s Web site and that 90 % of web users believe that providing personal information allows companies to know them and serve them better.

Access to ServiNet

In order to have access to ServiNet, you simply need to ask your Internet provider to insert an hyperlink or a button that says View your Maintenance Grid or Consulter votre dossier that will link directly to ServiNet. We suggest that this link be part of your home page so your personnel as well as your customers see it rapidly.

A system manager or a Customer Relationship Manager

Anybody that knows how to use a web browser can easily use our system. ServiNet does not require any special abilities and saves you time. Take advantage of ServiNet and allow your personnel to focus on what makes your business tick: customer satisfaction and retention. Since your Customer Relationship Manager is the most concerned person in your business, we recommend that he be the person responsible.

The system manager has unlimited access and is be the prime contact with ServiNet personnel. He receives, periodically, reports in the form of e-mail messages that give precious information such as: list of sent messages to customers, retention percentage indices, customer satisfaction ratings, list of potentially lost customers, maintenance and sales recall statistics, list of errors and much more.

Microsoft Word™ application and a printer

ServiNet allows you to communicate with your customer either by e-mail or by mail. ServiNet makes you save time and paper work because every customer that has an e-mail address (work and/or home address) receives your communications through the Internet. According to a survey by Léger Marketing, 67 % of the Canadian population has access to the Internet.

A version of Microsoft Word™ 97 and a printer are essentials for the printing of letters sent to you by ServiNet for those infrequent customers that do not have access to the Internet.

Each day, ServiNet prepares and sends letters in the Microsoft Word™ format to your system manager for those customers that do no have access to the Internet; it is then his responsibility to print and mail the corresponding letters. We suggest strongly that you use window envelopes to limit manual intervention and sticker fees. For those customers having access to the Internet, ServiNet will send all your messages to their home and/or work personal inbox.

In order to grasp your entire customer’s e-mail addresses, all the messages that are printed invite your customer to communicate with you as soon as possible in order to give you his e-mail addresses or visit your Web site and give to ServiNet the precious information by modifying his personal file.