ServiNet Relance au département de service,Service department recall
service department recall
sales department recall
service retention
sales retention

ServiNet is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service to use the Internet Technology

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Jean Claude Caissie
(514) 909-2822

ServiNet Price List

Maintenance and Sales Recall For Car Dealers

Monthly fees according to the number of new vehicles sold per year; this number is determined each january and corresponds to the number of vehicle sold the preceeding year.

To be determined.

Full Recall Service at the dealer site

35 $ an hour

Fees for Initial Vehicle Load

To be determined.

Printing and posted services by ServiNet

To be determined.

Golf Reservation and Handicap Calculation Service for Golf Courses

Monthly fees according to the number 18 hole courses and the number of operational months

Course no 1: $ per month

Course no 2: $ per month

Course no 3: $ per month

Course no 4: $ per month

Each additional course: $ per month

Development and hosting of your Web site

To be determined.