ServiNet Relance au département de service,Service department recall
service department recall
sales department recall
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sales retention

ServiNet is the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service to use the Internet Technology

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Avantages of ServiNet

Increase Service Penetration

Don’t let a missed maintenance call mean a lost customer. ServiNet advises you, on a daily basis, of those customers that do not react punctually to your invitation and delay their appointment for maintenance.

ServiNet increases full dealership profitability by turning customers into service customers. Service reminders are performed automatically every day and a follow-up schedule of 72 months (or more) from delivery date starts as soon as the vehicle is captured into ServiNet.

Increase customer satisfaction

Do not let lack of concern mean a lost customer. ServiNet builds customer loyalty by multiplying contacts with him and allows you to react promptly: a satisfied customer is a loyal one.

ServiNet keeps you in constant contact with your customer: starting from the delivery date, throughout all the maintenance periods and until he returns the leased or financed vehicle(s). Welcoming your new customer, inviting him to visit your Web site, giving him access to his vehicle(s) history maintenance schedule and making sure that he is a satisfied customer are all automatic actions taken on a daily basis by ServiNet.

Increase your sales

Do not let time become a lost customer. ServiNet initiates, at the right time, the sales cycle.

ServiNet maintains contact with your customer through the entire sales lifecycle: acquisition, service and expiration of lease or loan. Welcoming your new customer, inviting him to visit your Web site, allowing him to access his vehicle maintenance history, sending him birthday wishes, obtaining his satisfaction rating, are all actions taken by ServiNet every day.

Increase your efficiency

Don’t let paper work mean a lost customer. ServiNet saves you time.

Anybody that knows how to use a web browser can easily use our system. ServiNet does not require any special abilities and saves you time. Take advantage of ServiNet and allow your personnel to focus on what makes your business tick: customer satisfaction and retention.

Increase Communication

Don’t let communication delays mean a lost customer. ServiNet communicates with you and your customer at the right moment.

The Internet technology is an unprecedented tool with outstanding communication speed. It allows us to treat instantly information that you have captured into the ServiNet database. We send immediately messages via e-mail to your customer or Microsoft Word™ documents to your CRM for key events such as birthdays, service reminders, lease or loan expiration, extended warranty, and promotions to customers based on specific criteria, etc.

Increase your Web site Traffic

Don’t let an Internet surfer mean a lost customer. ServiNet optimizes traffic on your Web site.

Your Web site is a powerful toll capable of building long-lasting relationships with your present and future customers, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Linked directly from your Web site, ServiNet allows your customers to access their vehicle’s maintenance history and to modify, if required, their personal file. American car industry researches have demonstrated that 12 % of new customers are generated by the dealer’s Web site and that 90 % of web users believe that providing personal information allows companies to know them and serve them better.

ServiNet is the solution to increase your CSI !